Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Iron Cactus on Sixth and Trinity in Downtown Austin

The Iron Cactus has been at this corner for a good long while and still maintains an air far superior to most 6th Street beerjoints. They have ample seating on three different levels. Two inside and one inside/outside. The view is amazing if you like watching crowds from a few stories up. They are a Texas Chain Restaurant with two locations in Austin, one in Dallas and one in San Antonio. I'm not sure which one was the first but, like I said, this one has been here a good chunk of time. I've eaten here three times over the years and had a number of beers and margaritas but it has been at least five and maybe ten years since I last graced their doorstep. I'm happy to report that they got along just fine without me and everything was in tip top shape. The bartender told me it was OK to take pictures but that didn't mean I didn't have to explain myself all over again to the manager when he asked if he could help me. I always feel like saying: "Yeah, go get me a beer would you?" But I don't, instead I buy a beer, leave a tip, take some pictures, make some video and move on to the next place. This visit was enjoyable, especially since I left work early in order to do it, and the girl in the picture making fun of the guy did it twice, because I missed it the first time.

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