Monday, March 17, 2008

Texas Chili Parlor on Lavaca near Fourteenth Street in Austin

I've been here many times in the past and no times in the present until now. They have some of the hottest chili in the world down to almost mild. I used to always get the hottest to show how tough I was until I finally came to the realization that I really wasn't that tough at all. Especially the following day, it's worse than waterboarding . It hurts like hell but it makes you more of a man, even if you are a woman. After you feel the pain of an unusually hot bowl of chili you can handle pulling your own teeth. The heck with the dentist. O.k. Old Hippie Joint of the best kind. The parking can be tough during the weekday but you can usually find a vacant meter and at night it is much less of a problem. Central location, cold beer, good food if you don't make the wrong choices, and excellent ambiance. I should go here every day and I probably would if I didn't have this ass backwards blog that nobody reads that has required me to find a different place every day. These are self imposed demands so why can't I just say forget it? Because, that would be letting down the ten or twenty regular readers that I think I have and I can't do that. It's kind of like the same force that made me order the hottest chili for so many years. It's called stupidity. This place is a can't miss, and I didn't and you shouldn't either, if you ever get to Austin. Watch the video and check their website if you want to know more.

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