Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sagra Enoteca Trattorria at 17th Seventeenth and San Antonio in Austin

This Italian Restaurant is located at the former location of Mars, a fancy joint that moved to a new building in SoCo on South Congress Avenue. Before that it was an early location of the World Famous Hippie Head Shop "Oat Willie's". It's come a long way from those days and has now been reborn as Sagra Enoteca Tattoria, an upscale beer joint if ever I saw one. My buddy Troy went here for dinner twice last week. Once with his wife to check it out, and then again the next night with his old lady and mother in law in tow. He liked it so I figured I would too and I was right again. The bar in this place is truly the tiniest bar in Texas but somebody else already grabbed that name and title. I have seen men's rooms in bars with more seats than this bar can accommodate but it's really a restaurant and they have plenty of chairs at tables so it doesn't matter. They got what I considered a very positive review by Virginia Wood in the Austin Chronicle this week. At the end of the article she said something about the dessert being the perfect ending to a delightful dining experience or something like that. I wouldn't know, all I did was slug a beer, take about twenty pictures and make a short video this time. Next time I go it will be for the grub but since I don't have a food blog you'll never know what I think and you really shouldn't care anyway.

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