Thursday, March 6, 2008

Progress Coffee on East Fifth at San Marcos in East Austin

Before today I had been to this place for coffee three or four times and I had gone here for a beer once last year. I wanted to include it in this bar blog because it is in a convenient location for me and it is a bootstrap mom and pop sweat equity kind of place. Now granted, mom and pop are pretty young, I'm guessing around thirty years old but they have poured their heart and soul into this place and present a very attractive product in quality and service not to mention good vibe. This is the kind of place a working man like myself can guzzle a beer just a table away from a high powered attorney typing away on a deposition. It's where lip studs and tattoos can rub shoulders with three piece suits or big belt buckles and cowboy boots. They've got something for everyone with indoor and outdoor seating, a multitude of different beverages and food choices plus they even have live music every weekday morning during March and April of 2008. That's right, every morning at 7:30 am. Only in Austin and only at Progress Coffee on East Fifth Street by the railroad tracks. Check out their website, it is very inspiring for those considering opening a business themselves. You could learn a lot from Joshua and Sara. and here is the YouTube video I made

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