Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Peacock Lounge on Pedernales at East Sixth in East Austin

When I first went to this bar a couple of years ago it was considered trendy and had just had a makeover form whatever else it had been in a past life. It was nestled more deeply in East Austin than I had ever been before and the first lofts along the railroad tracks were just beginning to sell. Since that time developers have built many hundreds of additional units that now line one side of Sixth Street for about a quarter of a mile. It won't be long before the same thing happens on the other side of the street that is currently vacant lots and warehouses. But once you reach Pedernales going east the new stops and a much older neighborhood consisting of small homes on one side of the street and commercial buildings on the other commences. That's where you will find The Peacock Lounge in a little one story cinder block building facing their new neighbors. It draws a young tattooed and pierced crowd starting around dark and does a good business until closing. They have music sometimes, host a variety of special events with regularity and they're nice to nosey old guys who drop in with their cameras in tow. Actually, I can only confirm that they were nice to me and extrapolate that they are equally nice to everybody. I think it is a safe bet. Watch the video and click on their website if you want to know more. http://www.peacock-austin.com/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8bko3Cx9Y_8

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