Sunday, March 9, 2008

Conan's Pizza Original Location on Gudalupe at 29th in Austin

This place is a step back in time of thirty years or so, at least for me. That's when I first encountered Conan's Deep Dish Chicago Style Pizza in Austin. My wife never liked it and I like New York Style better but I've had deep dish in Chicago and Conan's does a very respectable job. It really doesn't matter though because I wasn't there for the pizza, all I wanted was a beer, video and some pictures. I got all three and very friendly and courteous service from the most able and attentive staff on duty that afternoon. The girl behind the counter told me some of the history of the place and made sure I didn't miss the tire skid marks from when a guy drove through the front window. They have many interesting things to look at inside this location of Conan's and I am sure you will agree from the pictures posted. I once ordered a pizza from this location when I was staying at a hotel near the Capitol and I went to pick it up at the other location they had just around the corner on the Drag, next to Texas Showdown, where Kerby Lane is now. When they couldn't find my order they called the other store and sure enough there it was. I'm not sure now whether they brought it over to me or I drove over to them, but I got it. It's strange, but the location on Guadalupe lasted over twenty years even though it was only a quarter of a mile from the original location. That says something about the quality of their product, don't you think?

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