Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Clay Pit Indian Cusine Restaurant and Bar at 16th and Guadalupe in Austin

This is by far one of the classiest joints I have attempted to cover for this most difficult project. I estimate that there are no fewer than 1000 places in the Austin area that hold at least a beer license but finding the time, energy and spirit to seek out 365 of them is going to be hell if I keep encountering what I did today. In this very nice restaurant, that was mostly empty because I stopped at 4:15 p.m. hoping it would be, I just took pictures and videos until I was accosted by the guy at the front desk and had to explain myself. So I did, and I apologized for not asking first and all was well. When I went to another place, like a fool I asked first and the guy behind the bar was a bonehead and said no. I asked if I could just just keep the customers out of the pictures and he said no. I asked If I could just take his picture behind the bar and he said no. I would have made that place look pretty inviting if it was, but it was not, and it was a dump. Now, this place here is a frickin' gem and I'll be coming back for Dinner with some guests and I may start dropping in on the way home from work for a cocktail. Beer is a cocktail right? The bartender in this place had braided hair almost to his waist and was as cool and classy as hell, no more like heaven. It's a good vibes place and I could feel them. I remember going to this same historic building for a pizza, when it was The Red Tomato, the night before the Capitol 10,000 about 25 years ago. We sat down in the dungeon that I never got a chance to check out before they started asking questions. But, I've still got what I need for my blog just like I would have had if there wasn't a jerk behind the bar in the other place. The next time I go back if I do, I'll bring friends for cover and I won't be asking permission. But, I will apologize for not asking permission, I always do when it's necessary although most of the time it is not. By the way, Bon Appetite Magazine calls this one of the best Indian Cuisine Restaurants in America and it sure looks like it could be. My wife says it is great and I have no reason to doubt her.

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