Thursday, March 20, 2008

Cafe' Mundi on East 5th Fifth near Chicon in East Austin

I've made a couple of videos of Cafe' Mundi before because it is such a cool place and owned by a great lady named Jessica and staffed by a very eclectic hardworking group of unique individuals. After ten years of doing business with them I feel as if they are friends even though I don't really know any of them. It's the same way with the lady at the Chevron Station who is still mean to me sometimes, after a decade. At least with Cafe' Mundi I know they'll be nice, and they have Young's Double Chocolate Stout in 18 ounce bottles. It's brewed with real chocolate, according to the label. I've had breakfast and coffee in here about forty or fifty times and have stopped for a Chocolate Stout about twenty times. I like the place and it serves as a community meeting spot for a lot of different groups of people. Right now there are two other coffeehouses nearby that sell beer and one that doesn't. Yet, when it does I'll blog about them too. Cafe' Mundi was the first and is still the best. Their outdoor grove of Crape Myrtles sets them apart from everyone else in town and the impeccable service and attention to quality products and ingredients is obvious. But, some of the cooks know about spice and crisping the bun and some don't, according to my niece. The don'ts will remain nameless, namely because I don't know their names. Parking is easy just pull up and park. It's close enough to downtown to walk, but I doubt many do, yet it is far out in the country. Yeah, no doubt about it, Cafe' Mundi is far out.

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