Friday, April 11, 2008

Ego's Lounge near South Congress and Riverside in Austin

There are many places to get a beer in the city of Austin but the number of pure dive bars is constantly dwindling. Ego's is a pure dive bar of the first class. They have a full bar, padded stools, live music, pool tables and a sense of funkiness that can only be described as endearing. It's a dark place in a location that a hundred thousand people pass by everyday but only a hundred or so ever stop in. Much of their business seems to come from nearby apartments and the office tower that looms overhead. It's the only parking garage bar that I have ever run across and I'm pretty sure they are a rare commodity. Parking is close but rather limited if you drive a land ship like I do. It's worth checking out if for no other reason than the novelty but there are plenty of others. I would consider this a Cocktail Lounge as far as classifications go with a broad age range in clientele. Some afternoons and nights business is slow but on others the house really gets rockin'. They have lots of different bands in the course of a week so be sure to check the listings in the Chronicle if you decide to go, or just drop in during Happy Hour on a hot sunny day and enjoy the cool darkness and a little drinky winky to calm your nerves.

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