Wednesday, April 23, 2008

La Tazza Fresca on Guadalupe next to Groovy Lube in Austin

This is a University of Texas area Coffeehouse that sells beer and wine along with a fair selection of food items. They cater to students and coffee drinkers seeking free wi fi. They are attached to an oil change place called Groovy Lube and both businesses share common restrooms so you might find an over caffeinated grad student washing hands next to a mechanic with dirty fingernails. It's sort of a modern twist on the redneck hippie bar lore of old. This was a very quiet place and the only person I heard say anything while I was there was the girl behind the counter that I was talking to. Everyone seemed wrapped up in study which isn't unusual the week before finals. I sure don't miss finals, not even a little. The parking lot for this place and the oil change place combined holds about a half dozen cars and street parking is at a real premium so I had to park a block away, facing the wrong direction, and blocking about six inches of somebody's driveway. I suspect most people walk here. I liked the paint job and interior decor and I wouldn't hesitate to stop back and drink some coffee sometime when I'm in a coffee mood. On this day I was in a beer mood and they were out of beer because the manager hadn't stopped by to restock the cooler yet. That should never happen. If I can manage to always have beer in my house surely a business that is paying for a beer and wine license can do likewise. I'll bet they have beer now though because I made my disappointment well known. I hate it when I break down and cry in public, it's so humiliating.

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