Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hyde Park Bar and Grill at Westgate and 290E in South Austin

Hyde Park Bar and Grill has been an Austin Landmark since 1982 and a couple of years ago they decided to Branch out to South Austin. This location bears a few bones from a totally stripped Grandy's that had gone under and remained vacant for a couple of years before they transformed it into a totally slick and chic bar and eatery. The best part about doing this blog is that I get to see entire establishments. I had been in here before but all I saw was the area from the front door to the bar where I had lunch and drank beer. I never knew they had a patio, or an entrance on three sides, or booths behind a divider wall. I only knew they had good Macaroni and Cheese, Fireman's 4 on tap and a cool large bar. I went here for lunch again, recently, with my wife and a friend so I brought my camera. I figured never pass up a chance to add another beer joint to my bar blog and I knew this was a good one. After I had taken a few pictures and about 30 seconds of video my friend said: "People are going to get mad at you for taking their picture" and my wife chimed in: "Yeah, stop taking pictures. What doing that for?" I sat down and looked at them and asked them: "How do you think I got the pictures and video for the other 98 beer joints I have blogged about so far?" My friend who reads my blog and my wife who doesn't then said: "Oh, it's business then", or something very similar. I like this place much better now than after just my first visit. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pP9-HhGIXDI

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