Saturday, April 26, 2008

La Palapa at 290 W and Cameron Road in Austin

La Palapa is very good in many regards but I wasn't here to review them I just wanted to make a video and take some pictures for my blog and I did that while having a lot of fun with two very interesting people who have been filling a void in my life with much success. It makes a hard job much easier and makes work fun. I can't keep up by myself most of the time. This place started out perfect and everyone had a positive attitude and my wife told me to be sure and look at their lights in the Cantina because that's what she wants for our backyard. So I did, and my only complaint is that the waiter totally ignored us after we scarfed down a basket of chips and two bowls of salsa and wanted more right away. I kept telling the people with me to walk over to the table where there were four people instead of three and ask them if they were done with their extra chips, since they got two bowls right off the bat, but they wouldn't do it. After the waiter came very close but kept his back to us while he waited on other people close by I realized he told me his name but I couldn't remember it, when suddenly Consuela showed up to bus our mess up to that point, and she seemed happy to oblige. We still tipped him good and will, no doubt go back, because this place is wild when they have Karaoke in la Cantina de la Palapa. Drive north on Cameron Rd. and turn right after the gas station on the corner. Lots of parking most of the time.

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