Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Rounders Pizza on West Sixth between Lamar and MoPac in Austin

Rounders is practically in Downtown Austin but you have to be alert to get there. It is located on the stretch of West Sixth Street that runs from Lamar to MoPac (Loop 1) so there is always a lot of traffic and people drive like a bat out of hell. However, if you are aware of that drawback and stay in the left hand lane while keeping your eye out for the waving doorman you won't have any trouble. If you miss the driveway just forget about it and go someplace else because there is no street parking and it's one way. You could loop back around on Fifth Street and try again but I've done it and it is a major pain in the ass because everyone is going seventy miles an hour towards downtown on that street although the speed limit is 35. Rounders makes the top five list of my favorite Pizzas in Austin. They use little pepperoni slices and fresh onions and garlic, mmm mmm. Best of all they have their crust perfected to New York excellence. An 18" garlic, onion and pepperoni pizza cost twelve dollars so I had one there and took a second one home with me. I managed to get two pieces from the one I bought for myself, my niece and her boyfriend but I only got one piece from the one I brought home while the wolf was visiting his mother and I. He's a growing boy who needs lots of Pizza to keep his strength up and a glutton. The parking lot at Rounders in down a hill and behind the building but there is plenty. There is a deck in the front and several different seating areas inside. They even have a couple of cheesy video games if you've got kids and quarters. Yesterday my niece sent me an e-mail proclaiming that Rounders may well be the best Pizza she has had in Austin and we've talked about this before concerning a different place but she didn't agree with my pick for best at that time. Maybe she was right because I like Rounders too, a lot.

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