Monday, April 28, 2008

Kick Butt Coffee on Airport East of Highland Mall in Austin

I found this place on the web a few weeks ago and after I visited here with some friends on a recent Saturday they had a big write up in The Austin American Statesman. Coincidence, certainly, but it shows I'm on the right track. I had two cohorts with me on that morning with one ordering coffee and the other two of us getting a beer. I thought the place was just fine and far out shined the places that I stopped at that were closed on a Saturday afternoon. What kind of nonsense is that? Saturday afternoon is prime beer drinking time and now those beerjoints will have to wait and see if I try again, I may not. This place is a little out of the way for a South Austin boy like myself but it fronts right onto Airport Blvd. not far past the bus station and before you get to Highland Mall while driving west. The parking is plentiful and the people are friendly. I took lots of pictures and made video while the owner of the place worked on his computer and never questioned my actions, I liked that. They have outdoor seating and free WiFi plus you can buy a set of foam rubber numchucks at the counter as well as foam throwing stars. Little kids can beat up on their Grandma's without hurting anyone or getting in trouble. Sounds good to me.


MasterGohring said...

Hey, thanks for the kick butt write up. I really appreciate it.

Writers For McFriendly said...
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Writers For McFriendly said...

Hey, double thanks for the write up...from the owner's sister. I'm super proud of how great the place is and they are good people too!

Thanks for spreading the word...and go to Comedy Night on Wednesdays!!