Thursday, February 14, 2008

Billy's on Burnet Road at Hancock Drive in Austin

Billy's has a decent sized deck, it serves food and they have the Happiest Happy Hour in Town from 4-5p.m. Monday through Friday. For that one hour you can quench your thirst on dollar pints of domestic beer or spend an extra fifty cents for a premium brew, of which they have many. I'm not sure what this place was before it was Billy's but it looks older than the four years that it has been a bar. The table I sat at on the deck was about the wobbliest that I have ever experienced but I never spilled a drop. You just have to make adjustments. They have those outdoor heaters for the cold nights but we haven't had very many of them this year. Their parking lot only holds about a dozen cars but don't make the mistake of parking in the lot of a closed business nearby, the tow truck drivers are vultures. Instead, go on down Hancock about fifty yards and turn left on the street just past the Fire Station. There is lots of on street parking available. It was my first time in this place because I live at the other end of town, but I had heard good things about it and it looks like they were true. The same guy who owns this place runs the Dog and Duck Pub and used to run the Waterloo Brewpub Downtown, next to Gingerman. The rent priced him out of the area but it was my favorite beerjoint in Austin for a long time before they closed. If I lived closer to Billy's on Burnet it could easily fill the bill as my favorite new joint.

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