Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Dry Creek Cafe and Boat Dock on Mount Bonnell Road in Austin Texas

If you've ever gone up to look off Mt. Bonell in Austin, Texas overlooking Lake Austin, chances are good that you climed to the top of the hill and when you came down you got into your car and drove straight back down the hill into town. That's what I've done many times over the years, but this evening I was in the passenger seat as my buddy Troy drove on past Mt. Bonnell another quarter of a mile and lo and behold I was back in 1975. Past the big stone walls and iron gates surrounding ridiculously expensive homes, there is a time warp and I visited it today. The Dry Creek Cafe and Boat Dock has not changed one iota in years. You might wonder how I know that since I have never been there before, but if you wiped the crud off of the jukebox, that I did so I could see the selections, you would be a believer too. The guys sitting inside the front door saw me with a camera and warned me that I had better be glad that Sara wasn't working and I immediately agreed and told them that's exactly what I was thinking. I've never met Sara but her reputation proceeds her and from what I have read there is a good chance I really wouldn't want to meet her, at least not while I had a video camera in my hand. I went up to the second floor, that I didn't even know was there, and there is a deck and another enclosed room that seems perfect for a rainy day of goofing off and drinking beer. The outside deck made me a little nervous but nobody else seemed concerned that it might collapse so maybe someone has been doing some work on it in recent years, or maybe not. It's hard to tell. This place has strange hours and hasn't served any food in the last twenty years, plus I don't know what the heck they are talking about as far as a boat dock since the lake is about a hundred and fifty feet straight down the cliff but it sure has a lot of character, albiet a few decades old. Check it out if you get the chance. I have a strong suspicion it won't be there forever.

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