Monday, February 25, 2008

Rabbit's Lounge at East Sixth Street and Chicon in East Austin

I've seen this building on the northwest corner of East Sixth and Chicon and often wondered what kind of a place it was. I had already deduced that it was a bar or club of some sort but the building has never had a sign, that I can remember, so I wasn't sure if it was even open to the public. Then last summer there was a small article and picture in the Austin Chronicle about them having some early evening Blues performances, on the patio outside, and I told myself that I was going to stop in there someday and have a beer. Well, yesterday was that someday and I'm sure glad I checked it out. I found out from the owner's son that the bar is named Rabbit's Lounge, after his dad, and that it has been open since 1969. He introduced me to his father and I suddenly felt like an old regular even though it was the first time I had ever been in there. The bar is full of nearly four decades of memories and memento's that fairly cover the walls. It's kind of a narrow room but plenty adequate and the beer is as cold as it can get without freezing. Best of all it's only two dollars, all day everyday, according to the proprietor. There is a good size covered concrete slab patio out in front of the place with a bunch of picnic tables and several working class stiffs like myself were lounging around enjoying a cool one before heading home after a hard day. With all of the gentrification taking place just a few blocks east on Sixth Street it is hard to believe this place still exists but the owner's son told me he is trying to build the business and that he hopes to run the bar himself eventually. It's a real neighborhood gathering spot for the politically active of East Austin and a cool classic beer joint with a bunch of what I would bet are at least semi-regular patrons, seated at the bar. Now that I've been in there once it's just a matter of time before I will have been in there a bunch of times. Two dollar beers, all day, everyday. I like the way that sounds, it kinda rolls off the tongue.
Watch this video to understand better.

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