Thursday, February 7, 2008

Star Bar at Sixth and Nueces towards Lamar in Downtown Austin Texas

I've been here exactly once before today. I came here for a cocktail on a Friday evening almost eleven years ago because it was Valentine's Day and my lovely wife and I had reservations at Jeffery's in West Austin at trn thirty. I was wearing a three piece suit and weighed forty pounds more than I do now. My darling wife weighed thirty pounds less, but what the hell. I wanted to get a drink in a nice place and this was one of the classiest joints in town back then and it hasn't lost much of its charm, as far as I can tell. However, there are many other choices in the immediate vicinity now that didn't exist ten years ago in Austin, Texas. We are such a vibrant city that the speed at which things are changing is getting out of hand. SXSW visitors, who were here last year, may feel lost if they don't come back for a year or two. Luckily, not everything is being demolished to make room for towering skyscrapers and a few places with charm and grace have managed to weather the storm. This is one of them. I think vinyl covered, foam rubber padded, booth type seating is the best any bar could ever hope to offer, and when I can find a corner seat it is as if I had died and gone to heaven. I was able to do that in here because it was early in the afternoon and the high class people don't come out until later, except me and a few others, so I had the run of the place. I really enjoyed talking to the bartender who seemed like just a regular guy. He pointed out to me that if I sat near the front entrance I would be able to see the star theme in the building's design architecture. Sure enough, as the pictures show. Go on in and check it out, they have a full bar and they only serve bottled beer which is great when I don't really want a twenty four ounce mug of brew. Of course, when I do I only need to cross the street to Little Woodrow's, a much more casual competitor. I like having lots of choices and I'm glad I chose the Star Bar on this particular afternoon. Woodrow's is fun when you're hanging out with the boys but the Star Bar fills the bill when you have a date you want to impress. It's a very nice place; maybe I'll even bring my better half with me again, the next time I stop in.

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