Monday, February 11, 2008

Jo's Coffee on South Congress Avenue in Austin Texas

Even though this is a Coffee shop it qualifies as a bar for the purposes of this blog. In fact, anyplace that sells beer for on site consumption lives up to the rather low standards I set for myself before I began this project on January 1st, 2008. That is not to say that Jo's isn't a very cool and popular place on South Congress Avenue because it really is. When the weather is nice there are people scattered all around the place and there is usually a pretty good crowd all bundled up when the weather is cold and rainy as well. During SXSW they have live music in the parking lot and there is often something or other going on around there on nice weekends and evenings at various other times of the year. They serve coffee, food and beer and it's one of the few places around the area where you can still buy a pack of cigs if you feel like it. I would call the crowd it attracts kind of bohemian. You know, people who read books, write poetry and have deep discussions about things more important than what's on television or that stupid Fox News network. It pretty much anchors the north end of South Congress Avenue and a lot of people who live in the area would be totally lost without its presence. I consider myself one of them.

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