Saturday, February 2, 2008

Home Slice Pizza on South Congress in SoCo Austin Texas

How fortuitous that my favorite pie in the city comes from a pizzaria in my favorite part of town. Located deep in the heart of SoCo South Austin, a yuppie term (of which I am not), is Home Slice Pizza on South Congress Avenue near Guero's and Continental Club. Be aware that they are closed on Tuesday, that could be a bummer if you were planning on going to the Continental or Guero's but were really craving a pizza, as I once was. Yeah, I was bummed and ended up going home hungry. It takes a while to get a pizza, which is why most people including myself call up the best delivery pizzaria in their area, but sometimes I want more. Home Slice gives me more and reminds me of a Western New York Style Pizza. It probably reminds everyone in the place of some other type of pizza but it is obvious that they have something going, that much cannot be denied. When I don't mind driving across town and then arriving home with a lukewarm pizza you know you are serving up a winning product.

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