Sunday, February 3, 2008

Stubb's BBQ at 801 Red River in Downtown Austin Texas

What goes better with a cold one than a plate of Barbecue? I'm sure there are a few things but not many and when it comes to Texas Style Brisket and Ribs there are very few places that serve it up any better than Stubb's on Red River in the heart of downtown Austin, Texas. This place is named for C. B. Stubblefield a BBQ chef originally from Lubbock. You might have heard Joe Ely talk about him on film or video, at least I have. Stubb's had a nightclub and BBQ joint in the bottom floor of a rundown motel along Interstate 35 in the middle of town, during the eighties, before lending his name and reputation to this place but he passed away shortly after. Apparently somebody was taking notes though, because the way they prepare the meat in this place does the old boy proud. The building has a long history and once housed The One Knite, a music venue where Stevie Ray Vaughn honed his chops. It went through some rough times where it was a used furniture store and then a hang out for bums but those days are long gone and it has been restored to its originally glory, plus some. There is a bar upstairs, a bar downstairs and a couple more outdoors in an amphitheater that can hold a few thousand people. It's a popular destination during SXSW and almost every other night of the year. So much about Austin is changing before my eyes so it does a body good to see that some things remain the same or have even gotten better. Stubb's is one of those places that fits that description well.

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