Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ruby's BBQ at Guadalupe and 29th Street near U.T. in Austin Texas

I've seen Ruby's BBQ thousands of times as I have driven north on Guadalupe Blvd. (the drag)near the University of Texas in Austin. I don't know why I have never gone in there before but there seem to be a lot of places in Austin that I am aware of yet never patronized. I guess there are just so many choices that I could never visit everyplace, so I don't even try. This blog has changed all of that and I have to be adventuresome if I'm going to stand any chance of getting my daily fix of pictures and video to keep this string going. In the case of Ruby's that is a good thing for me. This place has a look and feel to it that is enticing and the aroma is heavenly. Nothing smells better than woodsmoke and meat except maybe kind bud but we're not going to go there. They serve about a dozen different premium beers and a bunch of domestics but the main focus is on ribs and brisket and they seem to have them mastered. The place had a steady stream of customers for the half hour I hung around and when people would get up from their table and leave all that remained were a few rib bones, sucked clean, and a big wad of messy paper towels. The decor is pretty interesting with thousands of posters plastering the walls in the outdoor patio section and lots of odd and unique artifacts on display inside. Lots of notable musicians and visiting dignitaries have passed through their doors and they have mementos from many of them adorning the wall space. It's an easy place to find if you are ever in Austin. It's located between Milto's Mediterranean Cafe and The Spider House Art Space at the corner of 29th Street and Guadalupe Blvd. just past the Chevron Station when travelling north. I can't personally vouch for their food because I still haven't ever had any of it, but if I had asked around I'm sure I could have found a dozen people who would. They all seemed to know the menu by heart and that tells you something.

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