Friday, February 8, 2008

Little Woodrow's on West Sixth Street in Austin Texas

Little Woodrow's is a chain, or at least they have four Houston location as well as three in Austin. Sometimes that's a bad thing, as in mass produced Mexican food, and sometimes it is not. In this case I don't think it is a bad thing at all. With over 100 beers to choose from and cool stuff on the walls to look at, Little Woodrow's is a welcome addition to the neighborhood and the community in general. During the previous decade this former gas station was a coffeeshop where you could go in and purchase unglazed cups, bowls and plates and then glaze them yourself to be fired in a kiln and picked up several days later. They did a fair business, for a while, but it falls under the category of "niche" and the "niche" just wasn't big enough. I mean, I could even see myself going in once or maybe even twice but how many friggin' homemade coffecups does a person need? Not to mention that the rents in this area are out of this world. I'm really suprised they lasted as long as they did. Now, Woodrow's on the other hand could still be around in twenty years. Beer sells and this place sells a lot of beer. On Thursdays three bucks will get you a huge mug filled with your choice of over 100 selections and one beer too many is the difference between a great time and barfing your guts out. I recommend two at the most but I can't say that I always take my own advice so be like me and don't hesitate to have the waitress call you a cab if you should find yourself passing over into a state of mind commonly referred to as wasted. It's a big old joint with some comfortable seating and very cute girls delivering beer to your table or you can just walk up to the bar and plunk yourself down, if you so prefer. The jukebox is one of those MP3 deals so I didn't even bother taking a look at it, they usually have little condensed snippits of songs and there isn't much that pisses me off more than getting cheated by a jukebox. Maybe I'm being hasty but I've been down that road before. O.K. I've said enough, go on in and see what I mean. I doubt you'll be disappointed.

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