Sunday, February 10, 2008

San Jose Hotel on South Congress Avenue in Austin Texas

The San Jose Hotel is one of the best located mom and pop style places to stay anywhere in the City of Austin. It is located directly across the street from the Continental Club and just a short walk from Guero's Taco Bar. It's a slightly longer jaunt to downtown but easily within walking distance and it's close by all of the strange and wonderful places to shop on South Congress Avenue. The bar is tiny but the lounging area poolside is spacious and comfortable. They only serve beer and wine but that's fine considering the proximity to several full service bars in the immediate vicinity. This was the first time I have ever ventured beyond the gate and really had a look at what a great place this really is. The people were friendly and the service was fine. I swear I would pick this as my destination of choice for a stay in the area if I didn't already live here. In fact I was kind of tempted to jump in the pool even though I was fully clothed and not registered as a guest at the hotel. If I had, I might have not been treated so friendly but who really knows?

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