Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Jovita's on South First Street in Old South Austin Texas

Jovita's opened in 1992 but I swear it feels like I have been going there longer than fifteen years. I remember the first year they opened my buddy Will Indian called me up to make sure I would come and see his band The Rhythm Rats and I said hell yeah, but I'd never been to Jovita's before and wasn't sure where it was so I called some other Mexican Restaurant with a similar sounding name and they gave me directions to the new place in town. The first time I went there it was just a little house that had an addition tacked on the back and an old garage used for beer storage but it already had character and was mostly an outdoor, nice weather place. Every year since then it has gotten better and bigger and more and more impressive, obviously they have good construction worker connections and they pump much of the profit back into the property. What I'm really impressed with is all of the new stonework. If they cover the north wall with stone they can forget about further expansion in that direction but they will have a hell of a fortress. Actually, I think the place is the perfect size right now but I know I would change my mind if I went in and couldn't find a seat. That's just the kind of guy I am. Cornell Hurd plays on Thursday Nights and just about anybody else in the world could show up on the other nights. Plus, the food is pretty damn good. I've eaten a bunch of it and I'm not done yet. One thing I really like about this place is the people. The faces change but they are always friendly. I asked the girl working the bar and cash register if I could take pictures and she said sure. Later, a guy came in and he started talking to me as I was taking video. I should have stopped and talked to him because the girl told him that she told me that it was O.K. to take pictures and she asked if he was alright with that. I heard him say: "We like cameras" and I realized then that he was probably the boss.

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