Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Posse East at Duval and San Jacinto by UT in Austin Texas

I've been here before but not very often. Like once twenty years ago and once today. I don't know why, other than the parking, because if I lived within walking distance I would be here whenever the wife came lookin' fer me. It's a great place with good vibes and very sports oriented as can be expected by the proximity to UT. When people pour out of the stadium walking west the very first beerjoint they are going to see is the Posse East and what a welcome sight it will be. They are much bigger than the last time I went there but so is the population in Austin. The service is friendly the people are friendly and the beer is cold while the food is hot , or cold, depending upon what you ordered. I've never ordered food here but I've never had a problem with the beer, and it does me proud to know that they opened for business the same year I graduated from high school. Right next door is Subway and thank God they don't sell beer or I would have three half assed blogs in a row. Park on the street at a meter after 5:30 for free, or feed it during the day.

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