Friday, February 22, 2008

J Black's Feel Good Bar on West 6th Sixth Street in Austin Texas

Location, location, location. I guess you've heard that before, haven't you? I think it might be because it is such true and accurate advice. This place would die in a shopping center in far South Austin but it is a huge success in the downtown West Sixth Street Entertainment District. This is my favorite restaurant and bar section of town. There are at least ten eating and drinking establishments within a short walk of each other and the Whole Foods Flagship Store and National Headquarters is located at the end of the street just across Lamar from the best record store in America: Waterloo Records. Across the street from them is BookPeople and REI, well you get my point. J Black's Feel Good Bar is where I would take a date once I knew her well enough to hope that she would become amorous at the end of the evening. Fifth or sixth date, no pressure, great dinner in a very swanky cool joint and your odds skyrocket. It's so strange how such a blatant ploy can still work so well in this modern skeptical world. When I asked to take pictures in this place they were fine with it but they wanted me to wait until they had put away all of the bottles of liquor that were sitting on the bar as a result of restocking. I only had 20 minutes left on the parking meter so I ignored their request and you can't even tell. Not to mention the fact that it makes no sense to hide that you are doing a huge bar business, in a very successful and swanky joint, on the best side of town. Anyway, this is a great place with nice furniture and unique architectural details like the exposed beam, wicked looking ceiling in the back lounging area and the deck on the roof. Be sure to click on the pictures to enlarge them and look at all of the neat details. Cork Floor is some great stuff, check it out.

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