Saturday, February 16, 2008

Mother Egans on West Sixth Street near Lamar in Austin Texas

I had only been in here one time before today and I thought it was a nice place. I was dragging a drum that I carried during a peace march, here in Austin, about four years ago or five, during SXSW on a Saturday morning and my ass was dragging. It was really hot for March and Mother Egan was, oh so nice to me. I've wanted to go back, I've planned to go back, a few times I almost went back and then today I went back. It's a whole lot nicer and a whole lot friendlier than I remember it because all I wanted that day was a beer and to be left alone. They have both bases covered in here, they'll talk to you or not, it's pretty much your choice. They also have comfortable furniture, potential privacy and a great selection of beer. They are a music venue as well, and it's music that I like so I have no excuse for not going here more often, and I might change that. During SXSW2008 and St. Patrick's Day they will be packed but somehow the bars in Austin always manage to provide enough of what people want to make it an enjoyable experience. Check it out and be sure to comment if you don't like it.

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