Sunday, February 24, 2008

Spiderhouse United States Art Authority 2906 Fruth in Austin

Austin has a strong and vibrant art community and anytime a new venue opens where artists can showcase their work, it is a good thing. If they sell beer and wine it's even better. Spiderhouse fills the bill with their latest acquisition of the old Austin Plasma Center building. Instead of bums and students selling their bodily fluids the building now gives starving artists and budding performance art practitioners a place to show what they've got. There is a pretty good size room with a stage and a small gallery in the front as well as a separate room that houses a handsome looking bar. It is located near the corner of Guadalupe and 29th Street directly next door to Ruby's BBQ and easily within walking distance of the University of Texas at Austin. As of right now they are only open for special events but they seem to have one or two a week at least. I know they have already hosted art openings and a fashion show and I'll keep and eye on their calendar for future occasions. The exterior looks like some sort of government building on the front. In fact it reminds me of a small town post office, but both sides of the building are adorned in huge and very interesting looking murals, both black and white and full spectrum color. Along with the original Spiderhouse and their subsidiary businesses, Eco Clean and I Love Video this is a much needed and greatly appreciated addition to the alternative art scene that helps make Austin what it is.

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Lanette said...

Is there an Austin publication that you read to keep up with all the live music you go see, or do you use the web? I have always been curious about that.