Thursday, January 3, 2008

Clementine Coffee Bar on Manor Rd. in East Austin

This was the sixth or seventh time I have been is this place since they opened over a year ago. Maybe even two years ago, time flies. It is relaxed, laid back and wi fi (outfitted for wireless internet). There seemed to be a lot of people hanging out today considering school is on break and it is a student oriented establishment. They serve some food, a couple of different draft beers and lots of different variations on coffee. I'm glad to see that the business is thriving, they dumped a ton of cash into changing a ranch style home into a cool and trendy coffee shop. This part of East Austin is populated mostly by students, young people and University Faculty and Staff. Rents used to be cheap in this part of town but not anymore. Almost nowhere in Austin is affordable anymore unless you've got lots of cash, or unless you have a couple of roommates. This place is nice and easy to find. Just head east on Manor Road or Dean Keeton Blvd. until you pass Hoover's restaurant. You can't miss it.

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