Thursday, January 31, 2008

Phil's Icehouse on Burnet Road in Austin Texas

What could possibly go better with burgers and beer than ice cream? Uh, fries maybe? Never fear they have those too. This is a family friendly place on Burnet Road in North Austin that caters to adults with kids. Sure McDonald's can fill the kiddie portion of the bill but do they serve wine and beer? Hell no, and that's where Phil's steps up to the bat. On one end of the building you can order food and drinks and on the other end you can get some of Amy's Ice Cream, the best in Austin. In between the two businesses is a common seating area with one of those old timey photo machines that used to cost a quarter when I was a kid. I remember when they were everywhere and now they are almost nowhere. How times change, this one cost me three bucks and after waiting twenty minutes I never did get my little strip of pictures. Oh well, I reported the malfunction so maybe they will have it fixed by the time you visit, if you ever do. Besides, it was worth the money just to sit in that little box and relax for a minute or two.
I've seen many bars with regular old shuffleboard tables but this is the first joint I have ever encountered that had one like you might find on a cruise ship. It's a bit far away from where I live to make it a regular stopping point for a cold one but if I was in the area anyway and felt the pangs of hunger I could envision myself dropping in again. There is just something special about sitting in a vinyl covered booth that can't be matched by tables and chairs.

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