Friday, January 4, 2008

Spiderhouse in Austin Texas

Spiderhouse. It's hard to believe that in 1994 this place was just an old house full of spiders and cobwebs. I was introduced by my good buddy Troy way back before they had a bar inside the front door. It was a newbie coffehouse, in an area overun with great coffeehouses, but they learned how to adapt and soon the other joints went away, one at a time, while Spiderhouse grew until it was where it is today. This place is where the cool people, like me and you, like to hang out and young girls who know how to fetch beers can make a good buck waiting tables. Their courtyard is the best in the city. I love the fricking place, I feel like I am at home with lots of cool stuff to look at. In thirty years this will be the Broken Spoke of the University of Texas area in Austin, Texas. Travel north on Guadalupe until you see the Chevron Station on the right and Toy Joy on the left, turn right and then look left and you've found it.

Or, how about a second opinion?

Spiderhouse is fast becoming a University of Texas area iconic hang out, and for good cause. They have outlived the decade of too many coffeehouses on the Drag. Ten years ago they were a new and struggling business and the cool bar inside the front door didn't exist. There were three or four or five coffee places on the Drag and each one was fancier than the next. They are almost all gone. Spiderhouse was never fancy but it has always been funky and students and smart cool people, like you and me, are always drawn to the alternative. Starbucks has a place in society, but Spiderhouse has a place in my heart. That's a big difference. Drive west on Guadalupe past the University of Texas and then turn right after the Chevron Station and Toy Joy on the opposite corner, look to your left and you are there. Highly recommended!

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