Thursday, January 10, 2008

Gino's Italian Grill at Stassney and South First in Austin Texas

I stopped today at what has long been one of my favorite watering holes in South Austin. For at least fifteen years I have dropped in sporadically ten or twelve times a year. I wasn't a regular enough patron to where they knew my name but they always recognized my face and they were friendly. Usually there would be a half dozen people who made it their home away from home, every day after work, and a couple of old guys I have seen in there every time I have visited. It was a lousy place to record video because the lighting was pitiful but it was a great place to drink beer and I really enjoyed the laid back neighborhood bar ambiance. The food was even decent, albeit mostly deep fried, and they had a full service bar and could make any drink you could think of. They had music three or four nights a week and the place was often pretty full of customers so imagine my surprise when I walked up and found out Gino's is no more. I was bummed to say the least but then they told me that it should reopen in about a month as a bar called South by South First, obviously a play on the name of the South by Southwest Music Conference that is held here in Austin every March, just a couple of months away. I imagine they'll have music too and I intend to go back and do another segment for my blog once it is in business again. I wish them luck.

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