Friday, January 25, 2008

Deep Eddy Cabaret on Lake Austin Blvd. in Austin Texas

This is another bar that I have only been in a handful of times but it feels like my second home. It may well be the only bar in America that charges $1.80 for a mug of beer. They have just about the most diverse and excellent Jukebox on the planet and everyone is peaceful and laid back. Even an asshole with a constantly flashing camera who could not sit still for twenty stinking seconds went virtually unnoticed. I'm sure lots of people were irritated but they didn't care enough to say anything except the guy who you can see when I first open the door. Eventually I ended up sitting next to him at the bar and he struck up a conversation so I told him what I was doing. He had some good ideas and after I told him that I don't like to ask permission to do what I was doing because everybody always thinks you are up to no good somehow, he told me that he assumes most people are good and have good intentions unless they prove otherwise. I feel the same way but I'm always aware that someone with too much beer in his belly might have a mood swing. Vigilance is a good thing and it might come in handy in some bar, someplace, but not here, not at Deep Eddy Cabaret.
Deep Eddy and the people inside are cool. They even have The Flying Burritos Brothers first album on the Jukebox and that is something I have never seen anywhere else.

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