Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Guero's Taco Bar on South Congress in Austin

This beer joint isn't really a beer joint at all although they have plenty of cervesa. Guero's is a semi trendy, sort of upper scale Mexican eatery in the heart of the most yuppified part of Congress Avenue in Austin. They call this strip of businesses and condos "SoCo" for South Congress. Dee and Jim's is far removed from SoCo but it's heading in that direction fast. The first time I went in this place was to buy dog food in bulk. That's not an ethnic slur, it used to be a Feed and Grain Store about twenty years ago. Bill Clinton ate here and finished every bite, it says so on the menu right next to the plate he ordered. I don't know if Bill had a margarita or any chips, but I had both and when I ordered the same plate he did I couldn't finish mine. Speaking of margaritas, they have a stronger and more expensive one called "The Don" so I had one and my niece had two. Frankly I like the house margarita better, and it is cheaper, so I had two and my niece had one. I left feeling very mellow. The easiest way to sum this place up is cool ambiance, attentive waitstaff, decent food even if it is a little high for Mexican, probably $10-15 per head, but you can find cheaper entrees, and excellent fresh squeezed hand shaken margaritas. Not a bad place, not bad at all and they often have live music. The Monstas The LeRoi Brothers

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