Monday, January 14, 2008

Trophy's Bar and Grill on South Congress in Austin

I once saw a guy get a burger in this Bar and Grill but most of the time it's a bar only as far as I can tell. This was probably the 9th or 10th time I've been in there for a beer or two. Of course that doesn't make me a regular, since it was spread out over six or seven years, but I feel like I know the place pretty well. It has been exactly the same every time I have gone there. I'm kind of an old guy and this is a young people's neighborhood bar and the nights are a totally different picture I have never seen and probably never will. I've always enjoyed the times I have been in there because I know this bar was in the movie "Slacker" by Richard Linklater and people in Austin, even the youngsters, are pretty friendly. This place is just steps away from the Magnolia Cafe so you can eat and then drink or drink and then eat or you might even be able to get a burger and fries and forget about the Magnolia Cafe all together. I like having a choice. Also, if you are ever down on South Congress during First Thursday you will soon notice that places to pee are few and far between and I believe that may have been my motivating factor for about 60% of my trips into this fine neighborhood establishment.

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