Friday, January 18, 2008

Opal Divine's Pennfield on South Congress in Austin Texas

This place is the result of a successful downtown establishment by the same name called the Freehouse. I noticed that the Dog and Duck Pub also calls their self a Freehouse. I sure feel a lot freer at either one of those locations than I do at my house and that's a good enough reason for me to go there. Opal's at Pennfield is a very short walk to Ruta Maya so I suggest you go to both if you were already planning to go to one or the other for whatever reason. They are helping to pull SoCo farther and farther South. Once it reaches the Hill's Cafe, my mission will be complete.
It's a huge place with a lot of parking. In fact I have always found a spot even during SXSW. I think there is room for fifty or sixty cars. Maybe more, I've never counted but I will the next time. I received very lousy service in this place two years ago during SXSW but I kept going back and found that that was an anomaly rather than the norm. I like the place and the former smoking area that is now like a private enclave. It would make a hell of a studio apartment.

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