Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mean Eyed Cat Bar on West Fifth at Windsor in Central Austin

This bar has Character with a capital C and although it hasn't been in this location for long I believe I saw it a few blocks down and on a street to the right for twenty years while it was a saw blade sharpening place. The building itself is plenty old and the feel is good inside. I've only been here once before but I liked it then and could see that it had a ton of potential. If the condos go up next door they might get a ten year ride with lots of walk in traffic. I can only hope, because I like this place. If you come to town during SXSW it is within walking distance of downtown, but you have to like walking because it is about a mile. I'm sure they will have music there every night. I have a companion video to go with this, just look in the sidebar to the left. It's a great theme for a bar and fine tribute to a legendary man. http://www.themeaneyedcat.com/

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