Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Hills Cafe on South Congress Avenue in Austin Texas

There has already been reams of paper written on this place. When I first moved here over a quarter of a century ago this place was a Restaurant Motel set up and it kind of still is except the Motel belongs to somebody else, if it is still there, I need to remember to look more closely the next time I drive by. Anyway, it kind of fell on hard times and then was closed for a while, it might have been a long while, I can't remember. Then Bob Cole, the KVET Disc Jockey, bought it and spent his money fixing it up to its old glory and now it is better than ever. This is definitely a destination on the tourist trap circuit. It's got a real homey feel and the people who work there pay attention to what they are doing. I think the service is excellent and there are all kinds of Countryfied Countryfried good tasting choices. Anyplace that has Macaroni and Cheese on the menu gets a hardy thumbs up from me. Watch that Raspberry Long Island Tea, they put something in it that makes you feel funny halfway through the second glass full. http://www.hillscafe.com/

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