Monday, January 21, 2008

Halcyon Coffee Bar Lounge in the Warehouse District in Austin

Halcyon is in the same space that was formerly occupied by Ruta Maya before they moved out on South Congress. This part of downtown is known as the Warehouse District and there are lots of bars and restaurants in the immediate area. It's about a five to ten minute walk from 6th street and is geared a little more toward a older or at least less rowdy crowd, although it does get pretty crazy on the weekends. Located at the corner of Lavaca and Fourth Street, this place seemed pretty relaxing and had a spacious feel about it. There is a big open window in front of a seating counter next to the cigarette display but there is a no smoking ordinance so if you buy them you'll have to go sit outside to smoke them. I almost went down into the basement because there were no signs telling me not to, but I asked first and they told me it was the office area. Check out the video in the sidebar. It's a decent place.

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Texas Bandit said...

George, you are very wise. Thanks for sharing yourself with all of us. Happy Trails to you, until we meet again.