Saturday, January 12, 2008

Ruta Maya Coffeehouse in South Austin Texas

I have had a place in my heart for Ruta Maya Coffeehouse since they were down on 4th Street in Austin and sold premium cigars in a little comfortable smoking lounge section of the joint. These are home grown bootstrap entrepreneurs who figured out how to survive in Austin's insane bureaucratic society and it seems they have done well. They are a community center, of sorts, as well as can be witnessed in this video and South Austin is a better place because of them. I'm glad I kicked the cigar thing and it seems they have too. You have to play to your audience and it's more hippie than yuppie where they are now. I've recorded music videos in there before and they couldn't care less. I hope they continue to grow and prosper because they seem to be of the right state of mind in a confused world where so many people are not. Five stars and I don't even really have a ratings system. I just know what I like.

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