Sunday, January 20, 2008

Locker Room Sports Bar at South First and Ben White in Austin

This massive Sports Bar used to be a Country and Western Disco, called the South 40, that was quite popular with Urban Cowboys. Until this visit I had never been through the doors to the establishment. It is actually much nicer than the exterior would lead you to believe and the men's room has about ten urinals, so no waiting. The beer was two or three bucks, depending on what you order, and most of the music coming from the jukebox was rock and roll. I have no doubt this place gets packed on game day but it was spacious and relaxed when I visited. The bar is oblong and seats plenty. There are multiple other seating arrangements scattered around the place and lots of pool tables plus darts. It's easy to find if you are interested. Just travel south on South First Street until you cross a bridge over Highway 71/290, also known as Ben White Blvd. then take a right into the City Market Parking lot and drive to the back section of the shopping center. It doesn't have a lot of local flavor, most Sports Bars don't, but I couldn't find much to complain about when accepting it for what it is. In fact I kind of liked it. It would make a great venue for live music during SXSW but I don't expect them to have any. Maybe they will surprise me.

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Anonymous said...

I live right near this place and it appears to be closed and under in the process of becoming something else.