Monday, January 28, 2008

Poodle Dog Lounge on Burnet Road

It's been a while since I have been north on Burnet Road and I forgot how far away everything out there seems now that I live in far South Austin. I was going to go to Ginny's Little Longhorn but it looked closed. It might have been open, but I think I'll call ahead to make sure next time. So, instead I checked out the Poodle Dog Lounge about a quarter or half mile or so farther north, and on the other side of the street. When I went in I asked the girl behind the bar if I could shoot some video and take some pictures. She hmmd and hawd until I said I wouldn't record any people. She said yeah don't get nobody with a cigarette and I agreed. I figured no one would really care but as soon as the camera was pointed anywhere in the direction of people she spoke right up and I reassured her that all I cared about was the bar and not the patrons. Of course that meant all of my shots in the actual bar area are angled up except for one where the guy at the end of the bar told me that it was alright to take his picture because he wasn't wanted. In the video it sounds like I'm talking about myself but that was because the guy next to me at the bar was asking me questions. The video I shot in the pool table area is boring and hard to see through the haze but it gives you an idea of the size of the place. It is quite large actually. This is a 1965 era neighborhood bar and the people are fine and will treat you with respect if you do likewise. If you're quiet and mind your own business feel free to drop on in. If you are looking for excitement go on over to Billy's instead, they have the happiest happy hour anyway, at least that's what it says on a big banner outside. The Poodle Dog is OK by me, they have a pretty good selection of beer but when I asked if they had Shiner, the bartender said only in a can and I didn't feel like canned beer right then. I wish I could have given you a better look at the inside but I think you've probably seen bars like this in small town America before. They're pretty rare here in Austin and only ten or fifteen still survive as best I can tell. Maybe less, I'll let you know once I figure it out. If this place were south instead of north I would make it a point to drop by every now and then. I kind of liked it and it sure made me feel nostalgic. It's like a North Austin version of the Horseshoe Lounge and it overflows with character.

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Connie Fenton said...

wondered into the poodle dog about 1995. never seen a place quite like it. All walks of life wondered through those doors. like all lonely little bars it became a family. Met my husband in there and still have friends from way back in the dog days.