Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Iron Gate Lounge on East Sixth in East Austin

This is a decent sized one room bar that has been an Eastside fixture for more years than I can remember. I've been in there a few nights in the far distant past when the place was packed and the plywood floor felt so spongey that I was afraid I might fall through it. It has had some major renovations since then and looks pretty decent now. The bartender didn't mind me taking video and some pictures and since I was about the only person in there at five in the afternoon I was able to cover it from almost any angle in the place. The jukebox is almost totally Tejano, Cajunto, Norteno and Tex Mex but what's wrong with that? I imagine this place could get rowdy on a Friday or Saturday night but the same could be said for almost any bar in town. I liked the ambiance, the music and the general feel of this place and I recommend it to anyone who wants to check out someplace different than what they are used to. It's not real fancy nor is it a dive. It's pretty much just another East side neighborhood bar that has been doing business for longer than I can remember.

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